Extremely good. Doesnt make skin oily at all. Quickly absorbs in the skin and no white patches. Gives great protection from sun tan. I have already bought a second one before my first finished. I use it on my 9yr old daughter as well. Really recommendable product.
Last week i burnt my arm quite badly. Burnshield and ice did not help much. Knowing this sunscreen has aloe vera which is good for burns, i tried it. My arm instantly felt better and was only slightly pink. There is no scar left behind either. Amazing product.
I absolutely loved using this. Got it on time and the consistency of the cream is good and not runny. It blends well with the skin, leaving no oily effect and hence, lovable. My goto product this summer.
This sunscreen is one of my current favorite products. What I like about it is that it doesn't leave any white cast on the skin, blends well. It keeps the skin moisturized but still managed to give a matte look.