It is value for money. A no fuss everyday cream for a stay indoors person. A person going outdoors may require a cream with higher SPF against sun
I have been using this cream for about a week. The lines around my eyes are lessened. I had some pretty bad dry skin around my nose that is gone. I put a very small amount on in the morning and a bit more before bed and my skin feel a lot softer. As someone else said a little goes a long way, so this cream really justifies the statement.
I started putting this cream on my face 3 days ago. I use it morning and night. My skin feels tighter, has a nice sheen and I am glowing. I have received so many compliments at work this week about my skin. I have a few wrinkles and in a few months of using this cream, I hope to have none.
It has nice fragrance after applying this skin feels so soft I bought this cream for my mom. She loves it. It has nice fragrance after applying this skin feels so soft, and you can really see the results in 20-25 days.
I admit I was hesitant in buying this product due to my skin and allergies being sensitive to certain products. I'm glad to say that during the time I have used it my skin doesnt show any signs of a negative reaction. The product itself is more on the heavier side as far as creams are concerned, meaning I can tell its rich in its ingredients and only requires me to use a small dab to cover a large area. A little goes a long way. It actually leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated compared to some drugstore brands that left me feeling oily. The smell is aromatic yet subtle and not overbearing. I feel I have not used the cream long enough to warrant significant results so I will be using this over several weeks to test its effectiveness. So far I can't stop rubbing the places I have used it causes I feel so soft and moisturized.
I have been using this skin cream for a few days and I am very pleased with it. My skin feels smooth and looks healthier than before. The skin absorbed the cream pretty quick and is very light. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Highly recommended. Amazing cream as my skin doesn't break-out. Its ideal for normal to oily skin and even during hot, summer day my skin feels firm, fresh, glowing all day. Highly recommended.
Totally recommendable product! I really like this anti-aging cream. I can't tell if it works yet because I haven't used it more than a couple of days. I would love to buy it again regardless of it did anything to the aging process because I loved the thickness in texture, how smooth its on my skin and of course how it smells.
This is a richly dense and highly moisturizing cream which smells beautiful and makes my skin feel and look hydrated. It is a very luxurious cream, having a scent of roses. This cream is doing wonders for my skin as it's a lot smoother and more even in texture. I would highly recommend to those with dry/combo/normal skin.
My mom loved it. Her skin was glowing as if it suited her perfectly. My uncle used it too. Both mom and uncle has different skin types but suited well. It's healthy. Totally recommendable product, however whether it works on anti aging or not, will find out after a few months of usage.
What a great face cream! The first thing I noticed about this cream was the size of the container which is very nice. You only need a tiny bit for your whole face. It is a very rich cream with the fantastic smell! I use this every night before bed after I wash my face. It makes my face so soft. I've only been using it for a few days, so there are no long-term results yet, but I like what I see and felt so far!