Its really nice. The fragrance is good. It makes the hair soft. It is much better than the chemical infused products out there in the market. The only thing I didn't like was that the shampoo should've been thicker. But otherwise, it's pretty good.
I'll always appreciate the vaadi product because its give me quality and recently i use lavender shampoo its fragrance good and really work now my hair is soft because of this shampoo keep it up organic.!
I ordered it to try organic shampoo as I have tried but was not satisfied with any. Patanjali ones used to make my hair dry and rough. But this one is very good. The fragrance is nice and hairs are not dry at all. The cost is so economical. Some brands charge a lot of money on name of organic and organic but this one is very economical. The bottle is large and will work for long time. The dispenser works well. Goodness of lavender and Rosemary works wonders to hairs. Rosemary is good conditioner so no need to use conditioner separately.
Vaadi lavender shampoo with rosemary extract is the best ayurved shampoo I have ever used. it has no side effects. It is a organic product from Ayurveda that comes in the age of Ramayana.
Its a good 1 though didnt purchased it from here. Lavender fragrance is nice it makes hair soft, feels good after washing tresses with this shampoo, in general I feel all the Vaadi Shampoos are good.
By far the best shampoo I have used. Very affordable with great quality.
Good one for my hair! It is a very good shampoo giving full shine to my hair. I am saying this because I am using it for last two months.
This shampoo is mild and organic. I used to have a lot of hair fall in spite of using a number of shampoos from different brands. However, once I started using vaadi, my search of shampoo ended. This works as anti-dandruff and prevents hair fall. Hair will be a little dry but it's okay considering the benefit. This shampoo isn't available other than online in Bangalore. I always book from online retailers who give me good discounts.