My friend gifted me this shower gel and now Im not using any other shower gel. No drying of skin, it makes my skin smooth and softer. Also, I love the smell of this gel.
I am using it because it has lemongrass extract which is good for oily and sensitive skin. It gives a fresh and refreshing feeling as it leaves a cooling sensation after the bath. The aroma is quite strong, though.
Amazing product and great to use! As trust of vaadi makes it usable as well. vaadi provides mix of Ayurveda and science.
This body wash is one of the best, I've ever used. The consistency is perfect, and unlike other body wash out there in the market, you actually feel fresh and clean. Also, the fragrance is subtle, not too overpowering, but calming and soothing. Also, its antibacterial properties makes it all the more desirable, especially during the summer seasons. So, hit the Add to Cart button. Go for it!