This lip balm is amazing and I love the mint flavor. The balm is made of natural ingredients so I can feel good about rubbing the balm into my lips without the worry of harsh chemicals being absorbed into my skin. The mint aroma is soothing and leaves behind a pleasant taste on my lips. It immediately softens and moisturizes and avoids dryness and that annoying chapped feeling altogether.
This specially formulated lip-balm grants a long-lasting moisturization to our lips.
Ive ordered this lip balm for my always chapped lips. Its really nice and last for a long time. The wonderful smell is a plus. I will definitely be reordering.
Living down south means chapped lips are a constant thing due to the hot weather. This Vaadi organics lip balm helps lightly soothe chapped lips. This is all natural with no harsh chemicals, detergents or alcohol and also cruelty-free. This balm goes on smooth and has a light minty taste and scent. It didn't make my lips feel sticky or greasy. Overall I am satisfied with this product.
This lip balm is definitely a must-have product if youre looking for something that is natural and gives nourishment to your lips.