Excellent bath soap. If scent or perfume does not matter, use it regularly for at least 15 to 30 days and you will experience soft and smooth skin.
I have been using it for more than 6 month. Very mild yet very good cleaning properties. It has no harsh chemicals which will irritate sensitive skin. You must buy to experience the benefits. Go for it, it's natural.
Awesome soap! I just wanted to try Vaadi products and this was my first order. So far, this soap satisfied me and now I am planning to order other products too.
It is green in color and the smell is really exotic one. I love the smell of this Soap very much and it makes me feel so fresh after taking bath. My skin is also not feeling dry and I didnt feel any urge to apply moisturizing cream after bath. This soap lathers very good and cleanse the skin very well as per the product description
It lathered moderately on my skin. It feels like you're rubbing a soft jelly on your skin. I didn't need to apply any moisturizer after that as it leaves skin neither dry nor oily. It left my skin soft. It thoroughly cleanses the body and fragrance makes it a fresh bathing experience.