Sandhya CG
Amazing I used the oil today, wow it feels so good on your head, I had a Hugh headache but it went away quick. My hair felt amazing after using the oil. It has a nice pleasant scent too. I really love this oil.
I'm in love with this oil. It really does relieve headaches and feels so good on my scalp. After every shampoo I put it in my hair, cover with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. Might wash it out or just style as usual. I would recommend this oil, it does what it says it does.
I'm falling in love with this oil! It cools very slowly & subtlety. I love how it smells and prefer a cool oil that's got a nice, warm smell, rather than the usual mentholated/medicated scent.
Wonderful oil I am using vaadi cool oil since last 1 yr .I am very satisfied because I had a problem of hair fall for which I had been to derma also which is of no use but after using this I can confidently recommend this to every one. Triphala & almond makes your hair healthy ,strong & shiny.
THIS STUFF WORKS MIRACLES! Always looking for something for my long thick hair, I'm 66 and just starting to get some gray hairs. It says it helps prevent premature Gray and since that is me ( lol ) , also prevents hair breakage, I bought into this . Others say it stinks. It has a strong smell. I mixed it with liquid coconut oil and put it on for about an hour. Oddly enough it washed out easily and did not leave my hair greasy. What it did leave me was shiny, beautiful hair, no kidding! I wonder how often I can use this stuff. It does smell , like absorbing jr, to me, remember that stuff? Its OK, though, It smells fine this morning. I hope it keeps my hair dark like it suggests it will..
I've been using it for scalp massage, belly rub, muscle aches and of course, headaches. It actually does relieve moderate headaches instantly. And because it works more slowly, it has quite a lasting effect for a topical rub.
Super Product This oil smells super herbally so you can't leave it in your hair. You have to wash it out. I oil my scalp and my hair and leave it on for a few hours (sometimes overnight) and I wash it out in the morning...MAN! my hair is supper soft!!! Oh and I love the cooling sensation on my scalp! A CON would be that the scent is still there after washing.