This body oil contains lemon grass & olive oil, also enriched with vitamin E. It is very good skin softener & removes skin pigmentation marks.
I love Vaadi products !! been using them for some time .. this oil is truly amazing..nice smell.. absorbed in skin immediately..not sticky at all..its a body oil but dry skins might use it on face since it has lemongrass...better than using lotions !!
The lemon grass and lily oil smell is very relaxing and is great to smell directly on the skin, through a washcloth or by diffusing. I use it for headaches and within 10-15 minutes it has subsided and I am able to get back to whatever I was doing before. This is great.
I read through the list of uses and it sounded like it would be multi-useful, so I had to give it a try. I get fairly frequent headaches, and often use this oil on my temples. This was a great buy for me!
This is the best body oil that I have used. I am very regular with massages and have been trying different oils. This is one of my best discoveries. The pure lemongrass and lily oil in this products gives a very soothing and soft feel to the skin. The skin absorbs the oil in seconds and there is no stickiness. I love this product. My son uses the Vaadi organic Aromatherapy Lavender and Almond Oil and loves it. Would highly recommend these two oils from Vaadi.