Wonderful Product. This smells so yummy I want to eat it And it makes my skin feel wonderful after I use it I have very sensitive skin and so many masks irritate my skin after using. This mask goes on smooth, not too thick and washes off without having to scrub it off. I waited to use this many times before giving it a review and it's been great. It came in a two pack and I gave my friend one. Her skin is completely different than mine (oilier and not sensitive at all) and she said she loves it too. And it's all natural which is important to me
Awesome Product This face mask is AWESOME. Hands-down, the most effective topical natural product I've used for my skin thus far. I have very problematic bacterial folliculitis and it is very difficult to treat. I had several areas of my face where pimples were swollen, sore, or not healing well. After using this face mask, these areas ALL began to dry up and heal. I didn't use as much as the package recommends (they recommend using most of the bottle), but I covered my problematic areas. I followed the directions, left it on to dry, and rinsed off. Wonderful product, I found it very effective--especially when most products do not work for my skin I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely buy again.
Suitable for all skin. The pack has a smooth creamy consistency, which spreads evenly and is not at all runny.After washing off the pack my skin appears smooth, refreshed and hydrated. Since, this face pack doesnt dry up my skin it is suitable for all skin types.