Smells nice. I used it for more than 1 month only then I got some results. Apart from this, I did love it is smell but I felt that it is quite expensive as compared to other brands? Tea Tree oil.
Good for skin care. I m a skincare junkie and I always look up to trying different products as long as it fulfills certain criteria. I have acne prone skin and tea tree oil was something I wanted to try. I wanted to write a review only after testing it for at least one month. I tried spot treatment with this and it reduced the inflammation to a certain extent.
Pure It is pure. Can use for hair care and skin care. Don't use it directly as it's is pure tea tree oil. 2-3 drops for skin care and 5-6 drops for hair care will be perfect.
Treated my acne well This is the first time I've purchased tea tree oil for my acne. I was quite confused about which tea tree oil is best but then my friend recommendedVaadi Organic Tea Tree Oil. I decided to buy it and since then there is no looking backward.
Helpful. This oil is helpful for hair and acne. It has reduced hair fall a bit. It also reduced acne but burns at skin.
Awesome. I Used in shampoo for dandruff problem and after 2 wash dandruff gone.
Good for hair. It did not work on my pimples prone skin. But it definitely has shown good results in treating dandruff.
Good, In the beginning. I used it directly on my skin twice.....then I got an immediate reaction. After that I started using it with a combination of cleanser and now it works fine. So... It is not bad actually.
Good with face pack. I was a bit skeptical at first for this oil but I was so much frustrated with my acne/pimples and I thought to give it a try. I used it along with MultaniMitti face pack and after 4-5 applications, my acne started reducing. So, I am very happy that at least this product worked for me.
All over a good product Although its smell irritate sometimes, but overall it is a good product. It helped me a lot in clearing my acne.
Good. I am using it every day. It helps in clearing acne. Make sure you dilute it with some carrier oil or face packs. On applying this, it gives a cooling effect. I haven?t seen any side effects despite of having a combination & sensitive skin.
Good product. I think it is 100% natural. Value for money. I am writing this review after 3 weeks of usage. I think it is a best solution for my dandruff and pimples. I am so happy.
I loved it. I loved this product; it?s good for acne skin. But it's strong, so I don't use directly on your face especially those who have sensitive skin. It gives tingling sensation after application. I apply 2 drop of it with aloe-vera gel daily at night. It took time to give me good results but we can always wait for the desired results. Right?
Best for acne treatment. My skin is acne prone, a friend of mine suggested me to use Vaadi Organic Tea tree oil. I could notice the results within 1-2 days. I would recommend using this Essential Tea Tree Oil to reduce pimple, rashes, itching, and acne. It works like magic to treat dandruff and itchiness on the scalp
Very useful It's very effective for pimples and acne marks. This is my 2nd bottle because it works amazingly on my oily pimple-prone skin. Within 8 days it has removed my pimples and marks. Now I have a clear skin. I'm fully satisfied with this product. Thanks.